Kumaran and Renuka Sudhakaran Charitable Corporation (KRS Charity)  is a company established in 2015 and organized under the laws of the State of Missouri. KRS Charity is a 501(c) 3 organization hence donations to it are fully tax deductible.

KRS Charity does local and global charity work based on health, education and shelter.

Drs. Kumaran Sudhakaran and Renuka Sudhakaran (parents of Deepu Sudhakaran) are philanthropist who dedicated their life for curing diseases and to help the less fortunate. From their life as inspiration Deepu and Javitta created this organization to help continue the tradition of philanthropy in our family. We mainly work in the three necessities of human life, health, shelter and education.

Any thing that directly or indirectly affect the health of human beings are our concern. We work with other organizations and individuals to help in this cause.

A safe shelter for each and every human being to grown and have a fulfilling life according to us is a necessity. We will work with individuals and any like minded corporations to work towards achieving this goal.

We believe that all children should have good education for their development and achieving their life goals . So in our eyes it is an necessity and a right of every human being.

Deepu and Javitta